Black rice’s media REVIEWS

Deciding whether you put Black Rice on your ‘to do’ list? Here’s what food journalists had to say about dining at Black Rice.

Concrete Playground review Black Rice Restaurant

Concrete Playground rate Black Rice 4/5 Stars!

“Headline dishes include the lamb ribs which have been marinated in Thai whiskey. The provided finger bowl has no place here as the succulent meat falls straight off the bone upon the breath of a fork.

Then there's the Thai-style fried chicken wings with garlic and chilli aioli. Arriving piping hot, the morsels are crispy and addictively salty. In this instance, the aioli was barely even touched. A healthy dose of chilli can be found in several of the dishes. While usually considered as a refresher, the ceviche with apple, coconut and pomegranate even comes with a decent kick. To cool down, try the refreshing lychee mojito or almond whiskey sour.”

  • Concrete Playground

Dish Magazine review Black Rice

Dish Magazine review Black Rice

“We began with Thai Ceviche, a cold but fresh dish bursting with flavour and textures. Next up was a platter of Thai Fried Chicken Wings, across the table Gareth’s face lit up. To follow was the highlight of the night – BBQ Lamb Ribs. The meat was so tender it easily fell off the bone. Then a plate of Balinese BBQ Pork with a pile of chopped pickled daikon and carrot. This was served alongside the infamous Crying Tiger – an aptly named sauce as it produces tears due to the heat. The meat was melt-in-the mouth. My only concern – you have to get to it before your dinner companion does!”

  • Dish Magazine



Auckland Magazine review Black Rice Restaurant

Learn more about the “Star chef (who) brings a bit of Ponsonby to (the) North Shore” with Auckland Magazine

“Kristy Chanusorn has worked in some of Auckland’s most popular restaurants including Blue Breeze Inn, Cibo, Woodpecker Hill and Mekong Baby and now she’s bringing a wonderful combination of all her experience to her own menu at Albany’s new kid on the block, Black Rice. Owner Dante Bai couldn’t be more delighted, as will anyone living near to this new pan Asian haven, whose menu is bursting with the flavours of China and southeast Asia.”